Rise of the Runelords

Character Creation and Swallowtail Festival

Session 1

Session started off with everyone creating their characters.

Gary – GM
Mary – Zoso the Ninja
Dale – Dahk’gim the Half-Orc Sorcerer
Ellen – Dodorek the Half-Orc Skald
Austin – Corgan Deverin the Human Cleric
Leah – Leah Deverin the Human Paladin

Game started at the Shallowtail Festival in Sandpoint. This year’s festival was special, because it was celebrating the opening of the brand new cathedral. The previous cathedral burnt down a few years ago.

Starting speeches by Kendra Deverin (mayor), Belor Hemlock (sherrif), and Cyrdak Drokkus (theater owner). This was followed by the party exploring the festival and playing some games. Leah played an archery game, Mary played Drench the Wench, Dahk’gim chased a greased pig while also being greased up and naked, Dodorek played a game of chance, and Corgan arm wrestled.

Ceremonial opening of the new cathedral was started by Father Zantus, but was interrupted by a goblin attack. The party managed to kill all the goblins and save a cowardly noble, Alderaan Foxglove, who was hiding behind a barrel, who then started showing signs of interest in Zoso.

The group found around 200 gold pieces near the barrel and assumed they must have belonged to Alderaan, since goblins wouldn’t have that amount of money on them. After much deliberation, it was decided to give it back to Alderaan. He was still shaken up and claimed that he didn’t think he lost anything during the battle, so the party kept and split up the gold.

Ameiko Kaijitsu, owner of The Rusty Dragon, offers the party room and board for their heroics during the goblin attack. A sense motive check from someone reveals that she probably has a problem is also wants the party to help with.



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