Rise of the Runelords

Intro to Thistletop

The party travels to Thistletop, but once there have a trouble with the thorny nature of the brush that covers the area. They eventually make it to an area that contains goblins to kill and also a hole that sounds like to leads to the sea.

They next come across a group of goblins surrounding a campfire, but Dahk’gim quickly reduces their number with a well placed Burning Hands spell.

The group continues to explore the area and are ambushed by a cougar. During that fight a goblin druid, Gogmurt, joins the battle with a flaming blade. Gogmurt covers the area with thorns, but his cougar is killed and he attempts to surrender, but is also killed.

Gogmurt is looted and a few wands and potions are found.

A dangerous looking rope bridge is found, but the party crosses it one at a time and it manages not to collapse.



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