Rise of the Runelords

Skeletons, Boars, Elderly, and Goblins, Oh My!

The morning after the goblin attack on Sandpoint, Sheriff Hemlock asks the party to investigate the local tomb of the previous cathedral’s priest, Ezakien Tobyn, that was seen being disturbed during the goblin attack.

The party went to investigate the tomb and found goblin footprints outside, but when we entered we were attacked by two skeletons. After the skeletons were killed, the tomb was searched and a robe with missing patches was found inside the tomb. The group’s sorcerer, Dahk’gim, determined it was a Robe of Bones and its last patches were used to create the skeletons as an ambush. Inside of the tomb were more goblin prints, but also a recent set of humanoid prints, and it was found that the skeletal remains of the dead priest were removed from the tomb.

Sheriff Hemlock was informed of the missing remains and while the less altruistic members of the party were concerned with demanding payment for their investigating services, others were more concerned with why the remains would have been taken. Sheriff Hemlock has no idea for the reason, but informs the party that the late priest was killed in the fire that destroyed the old cathedral.

The next day the party is approached by Aldern Foxglove with the offer to attend a boar hunt in Tickwood forest. The party agrees and Foxglove bought everyone horses and saddles for the trip to the forest. During the journey and the hunt, Aldern continues to be flirtatious with Zoso, but is interrupted when Dahk’gim detected movement nearby.

The party dismounts and investigates the nearby area. A stream was crossed, with the sorcerer and cleric leading the way. A boar charged out of nearby brush and surprised Dahk’gim. Dahk’gim was seriously gored by the boar and went unconscious, but he went down swinging and missing. The battle continued without Dahk’gim, with Zoso delivering the killing blow to the boar. Aldern was impressed with Zoso’s skill, but he was useless during the battle, and suggested we return to The Rusty Dragon for a boar feast!

During the feast, Amiko’s father (Lonjiku Kaijitsu) stormed in and demanded to see his daughter. Dahk’gim asked Lonjiku what was the problem and Lonjiku accused the adventures of bringing trouble to the town and wanted to take Amiko back to Magnimar and safety. Dale threatened Lonjiku, which calmed him down, but then Amiko came out of the kitchen asked her father what he wanted. After demanding that Amiko come to Magnimar with him or else, she bashed him on the head with a soup ladle. He claimed she was as dead as her mother to him and stormed out, then Amiko stormed back into the kitchen.

Zoso and Dahk’gim, followed quickly be Dodorek, went after Lonjiku for retribution and Corgan and Leah stayed inside the tavern. When the mob caught up with Lonjiku and Dahk’gim pushed him down. Zoso looked through his coin purse and found a vial of white powder and some gold. Zoso took the gold and Dahk’gim took the vial. Not satisfied with the gold, Zoso also attempted to take the gold necklace from the father’s neck. He resisted, so she forcibly removed it from his neck. The necklace broke and the father was visibly injured in some way. Zoso pocketed the necklace, then Dahk’gim kick the father in the gut and told him to go home. The entire time, Dodorek just watched the brutality while eating a hunk of roasted boar from the feast.

While still inside the inn, Corgan and Leah were approached by the local Bennet family. They had concerned about their son Timmy and his complaints every night, since the attack, that a goblin was in his closet. Apparently, their dog Pickles also went nuts at night, which was suspicious since goblins hate dogs and vice versa. Austin promised that he and Leah would come and verify that no monsters were in the house tomorrow night.

The next day, Dahk’gim went to the local apothecary to get the white powder analyzed. When asked were the power came from, he said it fell off a wagon and the alchemist said it would take one gold to analyze the powder. Dahk’gim intimidated the alchemist to only take four silver for the analysis and the alchemist said to come back in two days for the result.

That night, the party went to the Bennet’s house to check for the goblin in the closet. When arriving at the house, the house was silent and nobody answered the door when Leah knocked. Leah tried the door and it was open, so everyone went inside. During the search of the home, a body was found in Timmy’s closet. When Dahk’gim and Corgan turned pulled the body out and turned it over, they saw it was Mr. Bennet with a dagger shoved in his chest. Then a goblin jumped out of the closet and attack Corgan!

Battle ensured, but the goblin was quickly killed, but not before Dahk’gim was knocked unconscious…again. Corgan revived Dahk’gim, who then looted the goblin of his studded armor, while Zoso looted Mr. and Mrs. Bennet’s best silk clothes from their bedroom. Corgan checked the rest of the house to figure out what happened to the rest of the family, even checking the shack out back, and couldn’t find anyone.

Upon the party meeting back up at the front of the house, Mrs. Bennet and her two kids appeared and were glad to hear that we took care of the goblin. However, Mrs. Bennet was distraught upon hearing that her husband was dead and didn’t know what to do for the night before heading to Magnimar to stay with her sister tomorrow. She said she couldn’t stay in her house, so Corgan payed for her lodging at the Rusty Dragon for the night.

The next day, Zoso went to get the broken necklace fixed by a local jeweler. She bluffed through the origin of the necklace, but even though he said he typically worked in lesser metals than gold Zoso agreed to let him try to fix the necklace for five silver. He did a horrible job and the necklace was functional, but not back to its original status since the metal attaching the sides together wasn’t even gold. Zoso attempted to intimidate the owner, but failed and then left with a hacked together necklace.

Zoso brought the necklace to Corgan to see if it was magical, he detected magic on it and discovered it was slightly magic, possibly weaker since it was still broken. Corgan potentially had the ability to mend the object, but asked Zoso where she found the object. She said it fell off of a wagon that rushed away before she could catch up to it, however Corgan could tell she was lying. He called her out on the lie and she then said she found it in the woods. Again, Corgan could tell she was lying and wouldn’t put up with any other excuses. She confessed and said she took it from Amiko’s father after he was a jerk in the inn the night of the feast. Corgan said give it to Amiko, tell her the truth, and then let Amiko decide what to do with the necklace.

Dahk’gim sold the studded armor and then went back to the alchemist and was told that the white powder was a sleeping agent, which must have belonged to a noble because it was worth 75g/gram. Lethal dose as five grams. The alchemist said he would give Dahk’gim 75g for the rest of the powder and Dahk’gim took the offer.

Zoso went to find Amiko to tell her about the necklace, but when she attempted to go back into the Rusty Dragon kitchen she was met by three kitchen workers with cleavers telling her she didn’t belong into the kitchen and to get out of here.



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