Rise of the Runelords

Thistletop Fort

- Wooden fort after bridge
- Failed to climb up towers of fort and made too much noise
- Alerted goblins inside
- Force broke down the door
- Met at door by 5 goblins
- While fighting the 5 goblins, attacked by another force that was patrolling outside the fort of dogs and goblins
- One goblin ran away (outside) when the battle was nearly over
- Found abused horse, Shadowmist, who became fast friends with Ellen and is now called Bosley.
- Upon close inspection of the goblin outhouse, we found a secret door amongst the shit that contained a teasure chest
- Mary was injured trying to open the chest, since it was trapped
- The chest couldn’t be opened without a key
- Found the throneroom of the Thistletop goblins, with their cheif Ripnugget and his elite guards
- Dale attempted to sneakily burninate the goblins, but failed
- Long battle, a lot of grease, but eventually Ripnugget was defeated
- Ripnugget had a key that opened secret chest

11/25 Loot
– 1 Potion – Cure lt. wounds
– Breastplate (Ellen exchanged for MW)
– +1 Shortsword
– Keyring on Ripnugget (7 keys)
– 200 GP
– Large Iron Key (under throne seat)
– Silver Holy Symbol of Lamashtu
– MW Dog Slicer

Inside Chest (Accumulated Wealth of Thistletop)
– 7432 Copper
– 2490 Silver
– 89 GP
– 3 P
– Leather Pouch
– 34 GP
– Med. Chain shirt
– Fine Silk Blue Gown w/ Silver Lining
– Med. MW Scimitar
– Pair of MW Manacles
– Gold Holy Symbol of Sarenrae
– Jade Necklace

– Pearl-handled Dagger

– Wand of Tree Shape
– Lvl. 2 Spell
– 1 hr. per level
– +10 natural armor bonus
– Turn into tree or shrub



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